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Aymesa is well recognized in the Ecuadorian Automotive Industry because of its history and tradition.

It was founded in 1970, becoming the first assembling automotive company in Ecuador and contributing to the fact that General Motors chose Ecuador as one of the two countries of the world where it executed a program called BTV (Basic Transport Vehicle). The challenge was to produce vehicles based on a simple and low cost process, using a total lean design.

In May 1973, the first vehicle made in Ecuador (called “Andino”) was launched into the market. By 1975, more than 1.000 vehicles had been assembled already, some of them were sold in Colombia as the first exporting product made by the Ecuadorian Automotive Industry.

Aymesa has always been recognized in the market by its creativity and tenacity.

A little later, accepting new innovation opportunities, Aymesa starts producing vehicles with fiber glass bodywork.   After improving its production plant, the factory offered a new vehicle, under an Ecuadorian brand, called “Cóndor”, consisting in a sedan with a sportive design and an amazing performance during car racings.

The technical performance in Aymesa, which has been constantly high, and the welding plant set up for metallic bodywork in 1981, resulted in successfully presenting  a new product called Chevrolet Chevette, which was conceived as a product for the family.

Aymesa, an Automotive Industry leader in Ecuador, integrates, due to its philosophy, a solid team that includes: suppliers, dealers, and employees. This team turned Aymesa’s corporative vision and mission into a reality, offering the local and international market: “World Class Transport and related products”. Aymesa successfully meets all the requirements from a changing and globalized world and maintains the loyalty from all of its customers, as a result of its commitment, its deep involvement, and over all, its “passion” applied daily on its work.

Meeting the innovative worldwide technology and after 3 7 years of its foundation, having a strategic development on its market and brands, Aymesa integrates the most modern technology in process automation. Each new model offered to the market becomes an innovation challenge so that it guarantees security as a company priority, at all levels within the organization.

In an enlarged covered area, Aymesa has a plant capacity of 6 jobs per hour, meaning 36.000 units a year.

Investments and projects under execution will give the company the opportunity to offer, in a short term, to produce 54.000 units per year which will be used to assembly many models and brands recognized internationally.

Cuadro de texto: ANDINO:   
The first product of Ecuadorian Automotive Industry  - 1973
Cuadro de texto: CONDOR:
Fiber Glass bodywork .   
The first vehicle under Ecuadorian Brand   - 1978
Cuadro de texto: CHEVETTE   -  SAN REMO :
First vehicle produced for the family in Ecuador  -   1983
Aymesa Multi-brand assembly industry has the  best of  technology   -   2007